Do we need counselling?

Most of us are not taught to navigate relationships as we grow into adulthood; we merely find our own way, hoping that the initial love we found with a partner is enough to see it through long-term. When feelings change, or a crisis occurs, it's not surprising that we don't always have the tools or experience to work it out by ourselves. This is where counselling can help.

What happens in sessions?

Couples counselling involves looking together at the issues which are causing the problems in your relationship. Sometimes these may appear clear and obvious, other times there may be more deeply underlying factors.

The counselling sessions will offer both of you a safe and neutral space to talk about your needs and expectations from the relationship. You will be supported in finding a common goal for the work together, and encouraged to look honestly and openly about your relationship and its future.

Depending on what you bring to counselling, our work together may involve:

  • Helping you to identify and observe your styles and patterns of communication
  • Learning about the 'life stage' of your relationship, and what it means for you within the context of your problems
  • Exploring issues around intimacy and sex
  • Looking at past family history to spot links or repeating patterns
  • Looking at your partnership within the wider context of family, and what this means for you
  • Creating tasks and goals to change unhelpful behaviour or communication patterns
  • Working with a specific crisis or situation which is impacting on your relationship

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