Why have break-up counselling?

The end of a significant relationship can feel devastating and much like a bereavement. The level of significance is deeply personal to you; it could have been a relationship lasting several weeks or months, or a marriage of 40 years. You might feel that those around you are keen for you to move on, but there is a grieving process to go through. Often there is a need to explore and process the relationship, and the reasons for its end.

Offering compassion and empathy, I will support you through the grieving process, allowing expression of the different stages of grief and help you to realise that what you are feeling is normal. It's possible that your break-up happened a significant length of time ago, and, having processed the initial grief, you still need support in moving on with life. You may come with the initial intention of grieving the break up, but find that this loss has brought up other unhealed issues from your past or present life.

Counselling after a break-up might involve:

  • Identifying where you are in the process of grief and allowing you space to feel your emotions
  • Exploring the former relationship and working to understand unresolved issues
  • Looking at the break up in the wider context of your life, and where you may be struggling as a result
  • Identifying your needs and where in your life you can ensure they are met
  • Looking to the future and supporting you in steps to move on from your loss

Sessions can either be therapy based as outlined above, or more of a life-coaching style of work where we look specifically at goals for changing how you feel and moving forward to a more positive future. It's normal for sessions to involve both ways of working. As with all counselling, the content is led by you and we work with whatever is most relevant to your life right now.



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